Meet Rebecca Merzius–author of
Chosen: Discover Your Purpose in God

12.99 (Chosen: Discover Your Purpose In God)

My purpose has always been to inspire, uplift and share the Gospel with others. I started writing at the age of 12 and I always knew there was something more to the stories in my heart. At the age of 18 I decided to write my first blog “Fruit of the Spirit” and after getting feedback from the audience I considered writing my first book.

I wrote my first unpublished book later that same year. Not confident enough in the content, I decided to simply share with close family and friends. Their feedback of the book motivated me once more to continue on with my pursuit to reach the mass. After much prayer, reflection and meditation, doors began to open, allowing me to share the Gospel in conferences and revivals.

From there, it did not take long for me to get started on Chosen: Discover Your Purpose In God. Starting and finishing this book has been one of the best decisions in my ministry by far.